Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Church's Answer

Like driving, it is probably not a good idea to blog when angry.

Today's NY Times reported on what has been in the works for some time now: a ban on gay priests in the Catholic Church. Celibate or not, homosexuals will not be permitted to join the clergy despite dwindling numbers of priests world-wide.

As a Catholic, I find this absurd, counter-productive and altogether unsurprising. And I'm not the only one.

Taken alone, this news is distressing. But combined with yesterday's release of a Philadelphia grand jury report chronicling yet another clergy sex scandal cover-up of Bostonian proportions, this is deeply troubling and embarrassing. Read the pdf report and prepare to be horrified.

The whole mess is simply too disgusting for words.



Blogger NSC 68 said...

Frank, does it upset you because you think the Church is overreacting, or does it bother you because you are opposed to marginalizing the homosexual population. Does it bother you as a Catholic or as citizen of the U.S. or simply as a person?

I am not a member of any church or religion, so take my views in that context.

If the Church wants to ban homosexuals, why should that not be its right? Churches do not get any federal protection to they (one could legally argue that because of tax breaks, the Federal government does have a hand in churches and their laws must be in tune with the laws of the land, but let us dismiss that for a second.)

Why should the Church feel any need to reflect modern society? If Leviticus says that homosexuality is wrong, and years of Church doctrine has agreed, and the Pope, himself, has spoken on the subject, why should the Church not be allowed to restrict who gets to join its club? It has, in the past, not allowed women to be ordained, so why not homosexuals?

Now, this may uspet you as a matter of process (i.e. How do you weed out the homosexuals) but even that should not faze you as a Catholic. What about your Pre Cana requirements and the nice 300+ multiple choice set of questions you have to answer, with many reworded versions of "Have you slept together?" Why not something similar and relatively "scientific" for homosexuals. "Do you enjoy the Food Network?" "Do you empathisize with the criminals on Law and Order: SVU" I am being sarcastic, but you get the point.

It seems to me that the Church, as a club, can decide who it should or should not admit.

Again, while I think that the Church's stance on homosexuality is stupid, it has the right to set its own policy. If people don't like it, they can do what other Protestants did and start a new religion with a nice, loose interpretation of those crazy rules and regulations. Or, we could just write a new book.

Good luck with school and let's discuss further.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

Just another example of how the Catholic Church is alienating its members. Is it surprising? No. The church is supposed to encourage acceptance and love, and they give us this? The hipocracy is unreal. I wish I could take back 18 years of Sundays these people stole from me. Down with the Catholic Church, I say. Sorry Frank. Jaffe, can I get a sign up sheet?

9:01 PM  

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