Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday's Three

Without its better half to spark internecine warfare, Exit 145 seems to have degenerated into nothing more than a pathetic link-fest.

And on that note, I draw your attention to three fascinating articles.

First, Charles Krauthammer submits a big-picture update on the continued primacy of neoconservatism within the current adminstration's foreign policy thinking. Pieces like this on the administration's foreign policy, which I support, distract me and the rest of the country from focusing on mounting evidence of Karl Rove and the administration's possibly criminal and certainly unethical behavior, which I loathe.

Second, Larry Diamond, who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and who has written a recent book about our failures there, is debating Dan Senor, the former spokesman for the CPA, about the war in Slate in a series titled, Has America Failed in Iraq?". Even though Senor is a trained PR flack, he is putting forth a reasonably honest and well-reasoned argument.

And, finally, Jay Rosen has posted the response from Orville Schell, the dean of the Journalism School at Berkeley, to his July 5th blog post about the forthcoming plan to revamp journalism schools. If you are interested in the state of modern journalism, you should be paying attention to this. You should also be sure to check out this synopsis of Karl Rove's visit to the University of Maryland's Journalism School. Rove explains his frank view of the American press (which he pointedly denies to characterize as "liberal"), which is somewhat enlightening if you are trying to understand the Bush administration's media strategy.
-- Eric


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