Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Karl Rove

It has been revealed that Karl Rove told Time's Matthew Cooper that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked for the CIA.

There are somewhat complex legal issues at play, but the most important revelation is simple to understand. Karl Rove, the White House's Deputy Chief of Staff, leaked information about an undercover CIA agent to a reporter. Even if he did not give her name and even if he did not know she was undercover, it would have been very easy for Cooper to have figured that out. If Rove knew she was undercover, which I believe he probably did, this is treason. And even if he didn't, he should be fired.

The White House previously characterized the idea that Rove was involved as "totally ridiculous" and promised that anyone involved would be fired. They are now saying they won't comment on the "on-going situation."

First, I have followed Joseph Wilson closely, read a lot of his book, watched him on Meet the Press, and even seen him speak in person. Though I respect what he has done in his career, he does strike me as someone promoting himself. A lot of what he has said in public has been proven to be untrue. But this case has nothing to do with Joseph Wilson. A White House official disclosed information that led to a public revelation of an undercover CIA agent. If a member of a John Kerry administration had done the same thing, we would be talking about impeachment hearings.

Second, Instapundit has been strangely silent on this topic. A few dilligent bloggers have documented this. It is telling that a confirmed compromise of national security would go uncovered by a blogger who typically reports on a minute-by-minute basis on that very topic.
-- Eric


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