Wednesday, July 27, 2005

JAG Memos Declassified

The JAG Memos on Military Interrogation have finally been declassified and they tell quite a story. These memos are written by the JAGs, the military's in-house lawyers, and are a reaction to the infamous John Yoo memo, which essentially justified the legalization of the use of torture. The Yoo memo has still not been declassified, though the policy it lays out has since been repudiated by the administration. These JAG memos are a significant development in the ongoing debate over torture. And they are inspiring and reassuring to those of us who have faith in the professionalism and humanity of the majority of those who direct the course of the United States military.

Please, read the actual memos on your own, or read Marty Lederman's analysis. It's a lot to digest, but more soon.
-- Eric


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