Monday, July 11, 2005

Hitchens At His Best

In Slate today, Christopher Hitchens provides some perspective with respect to the current war in Iraq and U.S. intervention in Srebrenica a decade ago. What makes Hitchens uniquely convincing is his pedigree as a very liberal, almost socialist, thinker who fully supports Bush's foreign policy aims. Regular Exit145 readers may recall Eric's review of a public talk given by Hitchens a few weeks past and newer Exit145 readers can surely look forward to more reviews of his writing.

Here is a short exerpt, but the entire piece is worth a read.
Stepping lightly over easy-listening moral cretinism like that of the Times' editorialist, one ought nonetheless to accept the implied challenge about Afghanistan and Iraq. Those of us who have supported the rescue of both countries have had to put up with a great deal of slander lately. We have been accused of being thoughtless war-mongers, sinister neo-conservative cabalists, slaves to Halliburton, agents of Zionism, enemies of innocent Muslims, laptop bombardiers, armchair warriors, and much else besides. I generally find that these loud insults conceal a surreptitious note of queasy unease. We were right about Bosnia.


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