Saturday, July 30, 2005

Aaaaand....we're back

It's been WAY too long since I posted last and seeing as I'm taking my leave from our nation's capital after this weekend, I wanted to put up a quick note to reassure our reader(s) that Exit145 remains a two-man affair. That certainly didn't sound right.

Anyway, regular readers may recall my interest in recent developments in Uzbekistan, particularly Andijon. The story has moved slowly but surely from posts on obscure blogs to (gasp!) the front page of Eric's favorite liberal rag, the NY Times. Check out the article, which summarizes the diplomatic and military situation in the country almost as accurately as Exit145 would have were it not for an extended summer vacation. In brief, pressure from the state department (and to a lesser degree the Pentagon) has forced President Karimov's hand. The Uzbek government has demanded that U.S. forces leave the country within 6 months. Strategically speaking, Uzbekistan has been invaluable as a jumping off point for operations in Afghanistan. As this page has noted before, however, it had come time for Bush's policy to match his rhetoric in dealing with the Uzbek leadership and we're happy to see that it now does. Now that this story has a major following, we will continue to update you on the facts and our opinions on such.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been contemplating your Blog(?) and decided that your efforts are valiant. The work here represents the beginnings of two great thinker's documentation of their thoughts. I truly enjoyed the Title, and did not really look at anything else, except of course the CHS alumni directory and where to leave some commentary. All great work needs criticism in order for it to move forward in its interpretation of the world.

Personally i truly enjoy the NYTimes and do not believe that it is a liberal rag, however if Frank says it is so then it must be. In the future i will only refer to the Times as i would the words of Robert Novak. For superficial enjoyment, and masturbation.

SPEAKING OF MASTURBATION; "my woman" insists that 'your hands would better serve you for physical masturbation as opposed to mental.' Alexa has since our short vacation been exploring the phenomenon of sleepwalking, and its relation to bedwetting/wet dreams. She has a beautiful test group of 10 teenage boys, but we want to know more about how those who have had these experiences adapt over time. And what any differences might be in say a 25 year old man who has wet dreams and a 14 year old boy who has them. Let us know if you can help.

And then,

Tell Kerner that he is only belittling and having a hard time accepting Exit 145's scholarly presentation because your efforts here have rivaled his own studies on Eastern Europe in importance to the world. Fuck Polish its like Latin, unimportant.

And another thing how do i get my own blog...i have lots of interesting things to say about such topics as Bonzai cultivation, condiments, beef jerky, fucking(specifically while others watch/listen), and the roadways of America.

On that. As i believe you already know, but for Eric's benifit i am going to review the interstate numbering system. And also make a determination between Interstates and highways. This is something i learned, actually its the only thing i learned in the midwest. Highways are different from Interstates!!

Odd number Interstates run N and S. Evens E and W. The lower the number the farther West or south it is in relation to the other interstates. also 3 digit odd interstates circle cities while 3 digit even interstates are typically interchanges.

As we speak two new highways are being constructed in NYS im sorry, interstates, they are Route 84 and 86... 84 is north of route 80 and South of 90 as is 86 but as you can gather from the masterful design of our system 86 is north of 84. All of these roadways run East to West hence the even number names.

Our American Interstate roadways are in fact a direct result of the efforts of our country's greatest heros, in my opinion, roadway traffic sign holder guys.

in actuallity i think the system, in its conception, was designed so our armies can more easily move about the country in case of invasion and the need to defend ourselves from heathen invaders. To bad Iraq didnt come up with something similar.

There are very few places in our great nation that you can not reach by traveling on an interstate or at least reach an interstate within an hour. I LIVE IN ONE OF THEM. All that this truly means is that i live in the middle of god damn nowhere, Colebrook NH and i love it.


PS i can reach the canadian national highway within an hour, im unsure how they have organized there system up there but i will research and write back with info.

12:23 AM  

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