Monday, June 06, 2005

Zapatero, Take 2

Seems that much of the Spanish population has grown tired of Prime Minister Zapatero's policy of terrorist appeasement, noted on this page last week. A massive protest rally was held over the weekend in opposition to Zapatero's proposal to hold meetings with the Basque separatist (and terrorist) group ETA.

The march comes more than a year after Mr Zapatero's Socialist party formed a government and a month after the Spanish parliament gave him the go ahead to open talks with Eta if it shows a "clear will" to renounce violence.

"Do not negotiate in my name," is the slogan of a march that was also expected to attract dissident sectors of Mr Zapatero's own party.

The marchers, to be led by relatives of some of the 800 people killed by Eta over the past three decades, will go from the site of one Eta bomb attack in Madrid to another.

In a perfect world, this would have happened a year ago. Nonetheless, let's hope Zapatero gets the message.



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