Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Standards?! We don't need no stinkin' standards!

It has come to the attention of the editors here at Exit145 that some of our readership has linked to the site through various search engines. Were these curiosity monkeys eager for information concerning the latest "Uzbekistan goings-on"? No. Could it be commentary on "military policy and recruiting" that interested readers crave? That was my guess too, but wrong again.

It seems that Google has listed us as a source of Lindsay Lohan gossip. So, in the interest of pleasing our fans, we will continue to post the occasional nugget on the activities of everyone's favorite teen star. Well, second favorite after Hillary Duff. But whatever. Please note that the editors have no interest in this whatsoever and simply live to serve you.
Lindsay Lohan is still upset at Ashlee Simpson for "stealing" her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, last year. When Ashlee arrived with her sister, Jessica, Saturday night for Lohan's party at the Standard in L.A. after the MTV Movie awards, there was almost "a catfight," sources say.

"Jessica and Ashlee pulled up, and as hotel employees were clearing a table for them at Lindsay's party, Lindsay supposedly found out and said, 'No way — they are not coming to my party.' And the guy at the door told the Simpsons that [Lohan] said to go away," our spywitness said.

The Simpson sisters then went to Jimmy Fallon's party at the Argyle Hotel, where Jessica was heard ranting, "That [bleep]. If she comes here, I will kick her ass!"
Sure enough, an hour later, Lohan ended up at the Argyle, where Jessica "went ballistic," spies said. "She was screaming how she was going to kick her butt, and had to be separated from Lindsay. Ashlee wasn't so upset, but Jessica was furious because she says she is a star and should be let in everywhere."

The trio ended up making up after Lohan "explained it was a mistake that they were not let into her party."

A rep for Lohan said, "Maybe their names got misplaced on the list."

A rep for Ashlee said, "Ashlee and Jessica had a great time at Jimmy's party, which was the hottest one of the night."
More?! Ok, here's a little taste:

Meanwhile, at the MTV awards, everyone was buzzing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' strange behavior.

"Katie requested a private dressing room, which was in the basement," we're told. "Tom and Katie came roaring up on his motorcycle and disappeared for the whole night into the room with her p.r. guy, a stylist, a hairdresser, a makeup person and six Scientologists, including Tom's sister [and p.r. woman] Lee Anne DeVette. They did not come out except for when they went onstage — did not mingle with anyone in the green room — and then left."

Holmes had to be back at the Regent Beverly Wilshire early the next morning for the "Batman Begins" junket, where she and Cruise "made out in the hallway in front of all the journalists and TV people in between every interview."

"We are talking a public display for hours," said our source. "It was over the top, unnecessary and gross."
That pretty much sums it up. I hope you're happy.



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