Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Hitchens in my Plan

Last Friday, Exit 145 had the chance to listen to Christopher Hitchens talk about his new book on Thomas Jefferson. I went mainly to learn a little bit about Thomas Jefferson and to see the famously contrarian writer speak. He didn't disappoint, and even interrupted his otherwise dignified and erudite presentation to comment that his visit to North Korea taught him that the country is "seriously fucked up."

Christopher Hitchens writes that partisanship is a good thing in the Wilson Quarterly this month, effectively dismissing my call for a post-partisan America. Hitchens, though, does not address how partisan wrangling can impair the ability of a nation to focus on and defend itself against a foreign threat, which is my point of criticism.

Also, don't miss this Hitchens piece on Wolfowitz from March 2005.
-- Eric


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