Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You want Lohan?! You can't HANDLE the Lohan!

First of all, this blog was started for a number of reasons, not least of which is that the topics addressed here interest the posters. This will be the last time I defend our blog. We do appreciate the feedback and will take your comments to heart. Note that this is our first week at this, so we are still trying to find our niche in an already overcrowded blogosphere.

It's nearly midnight in Central Asia, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow for more updates on the Azeris and Uzbekis. To tide you over, however, a little taste from today's Page Six.
LINDSAY Lohan has a new friend and protector — Scarllett Johanssen's ex, Jared Leto. The two were hanging out at the "Saturday Night Live" after-party at Rock Candy when, a spy says, "a guy got drunk and got into a small argument next to their table on the stage. Jared acted like security and held up the guy onto the wall to try to calm him down." A staffer ran up and said, "Be nice to the kid, he just drank a little too much — it happens." Leto let the guy go and partied with Lohan until 6 a.m. Sunday.


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