Monday, May 23, 2005

Sullivan on the State of Conservatism in America

Andrew Sullivan has blogged and published prolifically on his skepticism about the current state of conservatism in America.

His article in the New Republic "Crisis of Faith" was the second big-picture piece that has caused a stir in Washington since the election, the first being Peter Beinart's excellent "A Fighting Faith." Kudos to TNR for putting these out.

Today, Sullivan disapprovingly quotes The Belmont Club:
Not only the treatment of the enemy combatants themselves, but their articles of religious worship have become the subject of such scrutiny that Korans must handled with actual gloves in a ceremonial fashion, a fact that must be triumph for the jihadi cause in and of itself.

Sullivan rightly condemns this line of thinking as counter-productive to the war that we are trying to win which, of course, is both military and ideological. When those on the right attack a caricature of Islam, or characterize "Arabs" or "Muslims" as inherently violent, they do everyone a disservice. Newsweek and RatherGate aside, it is ludicrous that right-wing bloggers have been attacking the MSM for the invaluable reporting they provide, simply because the information the reporting uncovers may reflect negatively on America.
-- Eric


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of something special. Watch out, Sullivan. Hooray!!

-m. gidizzle

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