Monday, May 23, 2005

My other blog is a blog

It seems appropriate that today, the second anniversary of my move to the District of Columbia, would also mark the first full day of blogging at Exit145. I have fully and officially become part of everything I loved to hate about DC before I got sucked in. I like to think I fought the good fight for some time, but a daily barrage of Belgravia Dispatch, OpinionJournal, political conversations in bars, infinite emails from my current blogging colleague and WAY too much free time led to the inevitable. We hope you like what you find here but even if you don't, post a comment and tell us what you think. Looking forward to your feedback. Of course, this leads to the inevitable question: If two guys in DC spend hours a day on a blog and nobody reads it--does it really exist?



Blogger psychman said...

Congratulations on your impressive website. I can confirm your existence, and wish you good blogging.
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