Sunday, May 22, 2005

More Democratic Rumblings....

An exciting, and dangerous, time to live in Central Asia. Gateway Pundit follows the pro-democracy uprising in Azerbaijan. Even more interesting is the post from Democracy Guy, who pointed out the possibility of an uprising days ago.
The Bush administration and the neo-con movement are peppered with oil interests linked to Azerbaijan. This is not conspiracy theory nonsense. It is a well documented fact, which has helped keep geopolitics in the region frozen in stalemate while democracy continues to decay. In addition, there is no real Islamist movement in Azerbaijan that could be blamed if protests turn into blood stained streets, as in Uzbekistan. In short, Azerbaijan is the perfect storm in which the democracy doctrine will either be shown as real policy, or merely neo-con happy talk.

So, Mr. you go. Time to put up or shut up.
I almost wish I hadn't found this gem. I would love to have written it myself, albeit with far less credibility. Here's to hoping that Azerbaijan follows the lead of neighboring Georgia more closely than, at least so far, Uzbekistan.
-- Frank


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