Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just Writing in my Gournal

An interesting article in the Wall-Street Journal summarizes the high-points of The Journal's D: All Things Digital conference which was held the past few days.

In the article, Ana Marie Cox is quoted as suggesting that blogs are becoming more like the mainstream media:
"They're cliqueish, they're arrogant, they get things wrong." As an example, she cited the Power Line blog (, whose investigations helped debunk the now-notorious CBS memo about President Bush's National Guard service, but which then got "memo-happy" in the case of the Republican strategy memo on Terri Schiavo, decrying it as a fake. GOP Sen. Mel Martinez later said an aide had written the Schiavo talking points.
It does seem that with time the bloggers are becoming more arrogant, but they have been cliqueish since day one. Powerline, in particular, has become almost the mirror-image of the New York Times editorial page during the mid-nineties: speaking with a tone of uncompromising authority and supreme erudition while above all remaining steadfastly devoted to factual accuracy. It is worshipped by its readers. Except, significantly, Powerline now does this from the right, and of course it is a blog.

And then, from Dan Gillmor, a former columnist:
"People have all these new options in terms of where they get what they want and how much they want to participate," he said, comparing what's happening in journalism to "bringing the conversation into what had been a lecture," with readers now talking back to journalists.
Which begs the question: if novices like Frank and I, who have little or no experience in journalism, can make our voice heard on a blog like this, what reasons remain for smart, young people to enter journalism as a field? The terrible pay? The contempt from your fellow citizens?
-- Eric


Blogger poster said...

1) To view Power Line's rebuttal to Cox's claims, link here:
2) I reject the notion that we are novices. We are the greatest thing to happen to the blogosphere since Webster's added blog as a real word.
3) Bloggers are NOT arrogant.

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