Monday, May 23, 2005

A Fresh Perspective from Hamid Karzai

There are two ways to view Hamid Karzai's recent statement that he made when he visited President Bush.
The prisoner abuse thing is not at all a thing we attribute to anybody else but those individuals. The Afghan people are grateful, very, very much to the American people, and recognize that individual acts do not reflect either on governments or on societies. These things happen everywhere."

On the one hand, one could view Karzai simply as President Bush's puppet, ready to thank the U.S. in spite of their abominable behavior. Doubtless many on the left will take this view.

On the other hand, in spite of our recent failed effort to attend a Karzai lecture at Johns Hopkins, the bloggers at Exit 145 take a more charitable approach. Yes, we find the recent reports of torture in Afghanistan to be repellent. We do not support the action of any individual in the military who would torture prisoners. We must recognize, however, that the United States' broader war effort in Afghanistan, which has done much to liberate the Afghanistan people and ridded the country of the abusive Taliban, is frankly far more important than any isolated incidents of torture. Karzai's words of appreciation put these events in perspective.
-- The Editors


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